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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Polka dot top Winter to Spring

Do you have pieces that you wear year round and transition from season to season? I sure do. One of those is this polka dot popover.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Polka dots, pinstripes and pearls

Happy Thanksgiving! It's time to bring on the turkey and pumpkin pie. I hope you have some time off to relax too. Our work always gives us the Friday after, and I'm beyond thankful for that extra day. If you do have to go back to work soon, then maybe this outfit will inspire you to play a little and relax your attire just a bit. I paired polka dots and pinstripes for a playful office look. Some faux pearls keep it polished.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Instagram lately

Blazer- Calvin Klein via Belk
blouse- Ralph Lauren- thrifted
pants- Limited
shoes- TJMaxx
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Blazer- Banana Republic via thred up
top- JCrew Factory
pants- Limited
shoes- TJMaxx

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Top- JCrew Factory
shorts- TJMaxx
shoes- TJMaxx
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shorts- JCPenney
shoes- Target (old)
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Just a quick little round up of some things that have made Instagram lately but won't be making the blog. It doesn't seem like we had much of a weekend. We made a trip to see my family for a belated birthday party and then the hubby had to work Sunday. And now July is gone...Hello August!  Not wishing my life away, but looking forward to another weekend.
 Hope you have a great week!
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Navy and red

blouse- JCrew factory  option   option   splurge
blazer- old  option  option
pants- Loft  option  option
shoes- Lifestride  option  option
necklace- JCPenney  option  option
watch- Fossil option
I'm not sure that I really like the shoes with this outfit. Maybe if they were a different color red or maybe if the whole outfit was navy? I doubt I'll ever repeat this blazer/shoes combo, but I'm not afraid to share my mistakes with you. This blog is what I really wear- not staged for photographs or posts.
We all have out hits and misses. What are yours? Do tell.
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Dots and leopard


Cardigan- Target   option  option  option
shirt- JCrew Factory  option   option
pants- Loft  option  option  option
necklace- JCrew Factory (old) option   option    option 
belt- Target  option   option   
shoes- DSW   option  option  option
I felt like doing a little a pattern mixing this week and I thought these pieces were structured enough to get away with it at the office. Leopard is a neutral and polka dots go well with everything, so this was an easy mix to pull off. Stay with neutral colors and you've got it made.

This shirt comes and goes at JCrew Factory and isn't available now, but if it comes back, snatch it up. I've worn mine so many ways I've lost count. See nine ways here.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dots on dots

sweater- Tillys  option   option   option
shirt- JCrew factory  option  option
skirt- thrifted  option  option
tights- Target  similar  option
booties- TJMaxx  option  option   option
necklace- chicos (thrifted)  option  option
bracelet- Forever21  option  option
This outfit was so much fun. I'll admit I got a few strange stares at the polka dot tights. How dare a forty-something year old woman dress like that? LOL. But I loved it and felt good in it all day. This outfit has been in my head since last winter and combines three of my favorite pieces- mustard cardigan, polka dot popover and this skirt. I'm glad I finally wore it.  If this popover ever returns to JCrew factory, snatch it up. Here are 9 ways I've worn it. It just won't stop.
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Polka dot popover- 9 ways

Blouse- JCrew factory  option  option
shoes- Target  option
worn Nov. 26, 2015
I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving day. I know, it's almost Christmas, so I'm a little behind with outfits.  When I pulled up these pics, I thought about how often I've worn this blouse and how easy it is to dress up or down, so I've made a remix collage of the ways I've worn this blouse in the past. This vest has been just as easy to remix and I'm sad I delayed in purchasing one until this season.
Here are the nine ways to wear a polka dot popover.  If you don't like popovers, a button up will work just the same. And if polka dots aren't your thing, then black and white stripes  would work too.
2. Red blazer+ black pants
3. tweed blazer+ black pants
5. with a grey skirt+ black blazer
6. red blazer + grey pants
7. black blazer + bright pants
8. jeans + vest
9.with a power suit
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