Monday, December 14, 2015

Polka dot popover- 9 ways

Blouse- JCrew factory  option  option
shoes- Target  option
worn Nov. 26, 2015
I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving day. I know, it's almost Christmas, so I'm a little behind with outfits.  When I pulled up these pics, I thought about how often I've worn this blouse and how easy it is to dress up or down, so I've made a remix collage of the ways I've worn this blouse in the past. This vest has been just as easy to remix and I'm sad I delayed in purchasing one until this season.
Here are the nine ways to wear a polka dot popover.  If you don't like popovers, a button up will work just the same. And if polka dots aren't your thing, then black and white stripes  would work too.
2. Red blazer+ black pants
3. tweed blazer+ black pants
5. with a grey skirt+ black blazer
6. red blazer + grey pants
7. black blazer + bright pants
8. jeans + vest
9.with a power suit
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