Thursday, October 15, 2015

Orange you glad

Cardigan- Gap (old)  option   option   option
blouse- Sears (old)  option  option
pants Belk (old)  option   option
belt- Target
necklace- pendant (old)  option   option 
shoes- Belk
worn Oct. 6, 2015
Orange you glad... it's fall? it's almost Friday? Cheesy title, I know. I sometimes struggle to come up with a catchy title or really anything to say. I have been told by a reader that they like my blog because I don't ramble about a lot of unrelated things and get right to the outfit details. So I guess it's a good thing I don't always have a lot to say.
I got this cardigan a couple of years ago and love to wear it each fall. I've paired it with black and polka dots before and with navy. This is a first with grey and leopard, and I love this combination.

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