Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pink and olive

Jacket- Sears (old)  option  option
blouse- old-  option   option   option
jeans- Loft  option
shoes- Payless   option   option   option  
purse- Nine West   option   option
bracelet- Ann Taylor
earrings- Sears (old)  option

I really like how this outfit turned out. I was inspired by one of the GYPO Spring Style challenge outfits. The challenge outfit called for a bomber, which I didn't have at the time. ( I have resolved that issue and there will be a bomber jacket outfit coming soon). Since olive and blush has become a favorite combo, and soft and edgy pieces seem to compliment each other well, I knew these two would play well together. You could also switch up this combo with an olive tee and this pink jacket. 

This jacket hasn't seen the attention it deserved in the past, but I'm beginning to wear it more and more. ( See it HERE and HERE) Do you do that with your closet? Hang onto things through purges and then finally start wearing them all the time?

Hope you are having a great week!

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