Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Basics and neutrals for fall

shoes- Payless  option  option  option
necklace- Rocksbox  option
bracelet- Kendra Scott  option
Yes, I'm calling this basics and neutrals because leopard is a neutral. I love it year round but gravitate towards it more in the fall. And a grey tee is a great basic to have, especially for my fall, not "Fantasy Fall" as Caroline from Un-Fancy would say.  We don't all have the boots, sweaters, scarves kind of fall (heck I don't get too much of that in winter) so we have to dress for the fall we have. Looks like mine is going to start out in the high 80's or 90s. This tee is perfect. It's the linen blend tee from Old Navy and has great drape and shape, loose but not sloppy. I want one in every color. As for the skirt, get used to it. I'm sure you will see it a lot. I can think of three more outfits off the top of my head without even going to my closet.
I'm getting as much wear out of this necklace as I can. It's a  Rocksbox exclusive (Try out Rocksbox for a month free with code FONDABFF). I will eventually be returning it because it's a bit out of my price range but I love it.
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