Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to dress for winter in the South

Top- Loft (old)  option  option   option
jeans- Loft
scarf- TJMaxx  option  option   option 
boots- Naturalizer  option   option
earrings- JCPenney  option  option
This season has been an absolute battle to get dressed. It requires daily checking of the temps and we might have a couple of cold days followed by several in the 70s and 80s. There is no way to get in a groove of winter dressing. I almost don't know what to wear when it's actually cold.
 So what's a girl to do? Lightweight layers allow for the look and feel of winter layering without dying of a heat stroke. I've had this tunic for years (in fact it was my first ever Loft purchase). This tunic made the perfect sub for a similar outfit I was recreating that called for a sweater. I picked up the scarf at TJMaxx just after Christmas. It's nice and light too. The other way to keep "in season" is with your foot wear choice. It was not cold enough for a sweater and full on layers but cool enough to wear the riding boots this date. If it had been warmer, booties would have been my choice. Never will I wear sandals in the fall and winter. I see lots of ladies doing it here, but...well... when it's fall and winter you will see me in slip on sneakers, booties or boots. Those are fall and winter season appropriate shoes.

So, I thought it would be fun to look back once in a while and see what I was wearing this time a year ago, and maybe two years ago.  What do you think? Are you still wearing pieces you wore a year ago or have you gone through a style evolution? Here's what I was wearing/posted  this time last year.

I still have all of those pieces, but the shirt probably needs to go. I don't wear it much and I'm not a huge fan of it's fit. Hmmm, maybe this would be a good way to clear the closet out too, lol. 
The pants and shoes in the outfit linked from two years ago are the same ones as this outfit. I also still all of the other pieces and the red sweater is for sale in my poshmark closet. It was a poor fit and I replaced it with a petite sized sweater that isn't so long and doesn't create so many rolls.  
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