Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Striped swing dress

Today we are talking about the swing dress. Easy one piece dressing for a hot summer day. I wasn't sure if this style would work for me. I tried the Old Navy dress and it didn't work. Then I found this one at JCP. Sold. (BTW, it comes in four colors and it's on sale for $19.99!)


I'm so glad I didn't give up after trying on the Old Navy dress. I'm not bashing that dress by no means. I've seen it on others and it looks great, but it didn't work for me. I think that this one is a little heavier knit and hangs better for me. And I love the top- ample coverage.
Okay, it is a swing dress, so I had to get some pictures twirling and making the bottom flare. Ya'll ready for this?

So as not to leave you with a scarred memory, here's one more normal shot.

I decided to add pops of pink in my accessories but this dress is basically a blank slate and anything would go.

shoes- Payless (old)  option  option   option
necklace- Poshmark  option  option
earrings- online boutique  option  option

Hope you are having a great week! Did you see my round up of tassel trimmed items? I need some of those accessories to wear with this dress.

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