Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10 pieces 10 outfits summer work capsule

I love the idea of 10x10 challenges, or 7x7, or 30x30. I sometimes pick a number for myself just to challenge myself and get out of a rut. Even if I don't follow through with the whole idea of wearing only those 10 or so pieces for 10 or so days, it helps me create new outfits and have some outfits on standy by for when I don't won't to think about what to wear.

I recently created a ten piece work capsule from my closet to help me get through the last days of summer. I did not include shoes. Some people do, but I love shoes and think they can change the whole look and vibe of an outfit just like accessories so I don't limit myself on shoes in a capsule.

Below are the ten pieces I chose plus the outfits. Some items are exact and some are similar to the ones in my closet.

I created 10 outfits, but you could easily stretch this to 15 or 20! Hope this provides some inspiration for your last days of summer. If you can wear jeans to work, then sub white jeans for the trousers and dark denim for the navy trousers. Let this be a loose guide and use your imagination with your closet.

I've worn five of these outfits so far. You've seen some of them HERE, and  HERE and on Instagram.

Do you like capsules or challenges like these? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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