Monday, March 27, 2017

Back to work


Blouse- Nordstrom  option  option
pants - Loft  similar  similar similar
belt- Target
earrings- Macy's
shoes- TJMaxx/ Franco Sarto  option  option  option
Wow, the weekend flew by! I spent Saturday doing some laundry, chores, photo editing, and then we had a late evening photo session with a one year old. I think we will have to do a make up session; she missed her nap, the sand gnats were bad and she was not happy. She would not cooperate with anything. Oh well, that's how it goes with kids sometimes. The Blue Angels were also in town so we watched the air show on Sunday. We watched it from a friend's backyard rather than fighting the crowds at the air field and it was still amazing. Those guys have skills!
This is an easy, comfy yet professional outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago. Again, in my pink and blue palette for Spring. I actually started with my spring attire a couple of weeks before the calendar said Spring just because I was tired of not having a winter and the temps said Spring. I love these pants. The are relaxed enough to be comfortable but with a slim enough silhouette to be sharp for work. If they were in a light fabric, I would wear them year round. However these are heavier and will only make it through the early part of Spring. I bought this blouse to wear with burgundy in the winter, but it's perfect with grey and navy for Spring. These wedge pumps have been on heavy rotation too lately. I found them a couple of years ago at TJMaxx. I usually find the best shoes there at random. The are super comfortable and my regular black pumps need replacing, so these have been my go to for a black shoe.
Speaking of black pumps- anyone have any recommendations? Do you get better quality from a more expensive shoe? I doubt price matters because if any pair of pumps were more comfortable than my Payless Comfort pumps, I'd never take them off. The Payless shoes just don't come in a black that I will accept. They come in black patent, and cheap black patent looks cheap. My last pair of black pumps were Ann Klein iflex and super comfortable but I have worn them out. I'm just wondering if a more expensive brand will provide more comfort and longer wear, or expensive or not, if you guys have any recommendations. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.
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