Monday, August 22, 2016

Camel trousers for the summer

Blazer- Forever21  option  option
blouse- TJMaxx  option  option
pants- The Limited
shoes- Payless  option  option
necklace - JCrew Factory
bracelets- JCP, made by me   option  option
I typically think of camel as a color for fall and winter, yet I wear my camel trousers year round. They are a perfect neutral to pair with summer brights like this cobalt blazer and patterned top. I don't mean to overload you with this necklace, but once I received it, it fell into heavy rotation.
Do you ever feel like your days just become repeats? Get up, work out, work, grocery store, home, blog, dinner, dishes, bed. That's what I anticipate today will be like. If something goes wrong, I will regret being bored with the daily routine, but sometimes it becomes monotonous. Do you ever break up your routine during the week? What do you do to make it more interesting?
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