Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dressing up a striped tee

Blazer- Gap  option  option
Pants- Gap   option  option  option
blouse- Banana Republic  option  option  option  option
pendant- old  option  option
earrings- The Limited (old)  option
shoes- Ann Klein (old)  similar

Grab a power suit and throw it on with a striped tee and you've instantly dressed up your tee! Not every striped tshirt will work, but a nice soft one with a fancy trim like this one does the trick. The one I'm wearing is no longer available, but I think this Top Shop tee with crochet trim would look cute peeking out from a suit or blazer.

Currently I'm... calling - my mother. I loved to call my friends as a teenager and tie up the phone line for hours, but now I hate to make phone calls. I do it as required all day at work, but at home I hate to make calls, so my mother is the only one privileged to receive a phone call from me. And occasionally the hubby when I need to communicate to him where I am or what's going on, and then it might just be a text. Are you into making phone calls and chatting it up, or do you communicate with friends and loved ones another way?

Hope your week is progressing nicely. Be sure to check out my Nordstrom sale work wear picks.

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