Monday, June 13, 2016

Little red

Blazer-  old  option
blouse- JCPenney  option  option  option
pants- TJMaxx  option   option   option
shoes- Payless  option  option  option
necklace- online boutique  option  option  option option
belt-thrifted  option
Do you have the song "Little Red Riding Hood" or just thoughts of the children's story stuck in your head now? You know you want to complete that title. Maybe it's distracting you from the woes of returning to work.
I love how this little red pleat front blouse (seen before HERE and HERE)  pops with the grey and heathered navy. I also like the cognac brown shoes and belt much better than I would grey, navy or black pumps. If you are getting a little bored with your daily attire, make a little change with color or shoe color.
Have a great week!
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