Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Grid top

Blazer- Dress Barn (old)  option  option
top - JCRew via ebay  option  option  option
pants- Loft  option   option   option 
belt- Target   option
necklace- Belk  option  option  option
shoes- TJMaxx   option   option
Do you ever feel like you struggle to come up with new outfits? I sure do. And for some reason, Spring always seems to be the biggest challenge. I added a few new pieces last spring, but I feel like I can't possibly come up with new ways to wear them. I did a spring capsule wardrobe last year and found out that a capsule can get really boring. And I still struggled with outfits.  Maybe I'm limiting my choices because I've gained a few pounds this year and I feel like some of my pencil skirts and pants aren't the best fit right now. I don't know. Anyway, this top was one of last year's purchases- seen here just a few days shy of a year ago. I like it with the contrast of grey and the pops of yellow here.
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