Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Too pretty to hide

Jacket- JCP  option  option
lace top- Nordstrom option  option   option
pants- Loft
booties- TJMaxx   option   option
necklace- Poshmark   option   option
earrings- JCP   option  option
worn Jan. 6, 2016
I added this mixed media moto jacket to my wardrobe during the holiday sales. I have far more opportunity to wear office attire than casual, so I paired it with this lace top and pencil pants for an office outfit. I started out the photos with the jacket zipped, but the top is too pretty to hide so I left it open. I think the jacket will work equally well with jeans off duty.
I was way past due a trip to the hair salon last week, so I twisted and pinned my bangs back just to get by one more day. Do you have any hair tricks for those last days when you really need to go to the salon for a cut and color? The twist helped hide the ridiculous grey streak I had down the middle.
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