Savvy Southern Chic: It's not over yet

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's not over yet

Blazer/ skirt- Cato (old)  option  blazer option
blouse- TJMaxx (old)  option  option  option
scarf- Cato (old)  option  option
shoes- Belk (old)   option  option
worn August 26, 2015
Summer- it's not over yet, or as we would say here in the south- it AIN'T over yet. Nope, not on the calendar or with the temps, so I'm still going through my summer wardrobe and getting in as much wear as possible. As tempting at the plaids, fur, olive, booties and such may be, summer is not over yet and it' not quite time for them. 
I've had this outfit  in my head for almost a year, based on the scarf. I don't know why it took me all summer to finally wear it but here it is. Everything in this post is super old. I do tend to keep and wear things for years, even it I only wear it once or twice a season. It breaks the boredom.
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