Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aztec track pants and utility vest

Vest- Khol's option option
tee- Belk's
pants-  Macy's (sold out)  option  option
shoes- Macy's option  option
necklace- gift option
bracelets- Target/ Banana Republic option option
worn Oct. 8, 2014 PM
We were back into a warming trend last week but it was decent enough Wednesday evening to add the utility vest as a layer. I think it helps make my track pants a little more fall like. This is an outfit that came together because I saw the vest and pants hanging on the clothes line drying together. Have you ever made an outfit from random pieces hanging on your line or lying in the laundery basket together? Maybe that would be a fun challenge sometime- just pull random pieces from the laundry that you didn't originally wear together and create an outfit.
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