Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall florals

pants- Gap
necklace- gift  option
bracelet-  Target/ Banana Republic  option  option
shoes- Belks similar
worn October 8, 2014
Hey ya'll! I skipped a couple of days because I was on a little vacation with the hubby for our anniversary. I'm picking up where I left off last week and have a couple more outfits to share, but I'll admit there were no outfit photos taken during vacation. When I unplug, I usually unplug from the whole routine. And besides that, we camped for two nights and then spent two nights in a hotel at another destination. All of our activities involved hiking and outdoor stuff, so it was tshirt and shorts the entire time. Yep, shorts. Where did fall go? It was so stinkin hot the entire time. Too hot for camping.
I picked up this blouse last year on clearance so it didn't get much wear, but I'm happy to put it into rotation this year. I wore it with navy last year, but this time, I'm pairing it with black and letting the little leather shoulder patches shine.

I also paired it with red last year:

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