Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Work to weekend: One cardigan, Two ways

Today's work to weekend look is all about a long burgundy cardigan that I originally bought as a weekend piece. I've recently been rethinking it, and I decided it would be a great work piece too.

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Cardigan- Old Navy  option  option  option
blouse- Nordstrom  option  option 
pants- Loft
purse- Nine West via TJMaxx   option  option
shoes- Ann Klein
earrings- Kendra Scott

I love long cardigans, but I don't want them too long because of my petite stature. Some shorter/petite women look like they are drowning in them when they hit at their calves and below. This one is long enough to be longer than the traditional cardigan, but not too long. This is a work formula I've long used over and over- cardigan + print top+ trousers.  For some reason, I never put this particular cardigan into my "work wear" category, but it's polished enough for work wear, so now I'm designating it for double duty. 

I've styled it for the weekends before as seen below. The original post is here.

Scarf- Nordstrom  option
tee Gap (old)  option
leggings (old)  option  option
boots- Naturalizer  option  option

Do you have any pieces in your closet that you originally purposed for weekends and then decided they were for "work" too?

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