Monday, January 29, 2018

The long search

I'm wearing two pieces that I received last month after a long search for both.

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Dress- Amazon  option  option  option  option
vest- Target  plus size option
leggings- JCP  option  option
boots- Lifestride (old)  option  option  option
earrings- JCPenney- exact  option  option  option  option

I purchased the dress from Amazon and hubby gave me the vest for Christmas from my wish list. The vest is from Target and it appears that it is only available in plus size now, so my apologies for being so long in sharing. I searched for both a grey sweater dress and a light color faux fur vest for at least two years, if not three. I was looking at vests Christmas 2016 and the ones I put on that wish list sold out before Christmas. Most of the ones I liked were just above my budget for a piece like this that I will not wear daily, or even weekly, so I just kept searching. Plus, it had to be the right color light brown or beige because I already have a dark color faux fur vest. I also searched for a grey sweater vest for at least two or three seasons. Some ordered in 2016 were quickly returned and I just kept looking, but not seriously. This year I was determined to have one, so I pulled the trigger and ordered one from Bloomingdales and two from Amazon. The trouble with sweater dresses are that most are just two tight for me. I want one that does not cling to my curvy behind. What was I expecting from a rib knit/sweater material? lol. This is not a sweater dress, but rather a sweatshirt dress. It's comfy and easy to dress  up or down, so it's a keeper and the search has ended. This dress comes in other colors, and I love it so much I'm considering another color. 

Are there any pieces like this that elude you? are you still searching for the perfect item? 

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