Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday blues

Blazer Forever 21 (old)  option  option  
top- JCrew Factory- old  option  option
pants- Loft
shoes- Payless  option  option  option
necklace- Banana Republic (old)  option  option
earrings- old  option  option

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Every Monday I seem to have the "blues" and drag back into work tired. This week is going to be super busy for both the hubby and I at work so we took it easy this weekend, watched some movies, and did some light chores like laundry. It was a pretty low key weekend. How was your weekend?

I get pretty bored sometimes with my work attire so I just mix and remix. I paired neutral black and white with pops of cobalt. I have been drawn to all shades of blue this summer and this necklace and these shoes have been worn several times (see here.) This blazer is a favorite. I had no idea when I purchased it a few years ago that it would be such a workhorse but it has been. I did a post on 6 ways to wear it over three years ago and it has been worn numerous ways since. I think I want to try it with red some day too. 

Hope you have a great week! I also wanted to say welcome and thank you to my new followers. I have picked up a few new followers on Bloglovin lately so I hope you find something inspiring here.

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