Friday, June 30, 2017

Fourth of July outfit and Five for Friday

Top- Banana Republic (old)  option  option
skirt- Loft outlet (old)  option  option
shoes- JCPenney   option
bracelet- DIY  option
earrings- Target  option
necklace- gift  option

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Here's another outfit with these blue sandals, and it's one that could be worn for the Fourth of July. If a skirt is not practical, sub shorts. It would still be dressed up a bit, but casual. I love the contrast of the powder blue shoes with navy, and red is the perfect add in. 

Do you have big plans for the Fourth? We have none. And that's okay. I am taking off Monday so I'll have a super long weekend. 

Here's this week's Five for Friday. I skipped it last week because I just didn't have time to get it together, so some of this week's are happenings from the week before. And, I have a pretty boring life, so it's still hard to come up with five things with two weeks combined!

1. We went to see Annie, Jr., a production by our local Penquin Project. Oh my! Annie was a childhood favorite. And to see these special needs kids sing, dance and act their hearts out was overwhelming. If you ever see something like this and you are not moved to tears, then something is wrong with you.

2. The next night we went to the St. Mary's film fest.  The hubby had a role in two of the films and helps with special effects. I did some photography work for one of the films, "Trapped", a PTSD awareness film. 

3. Have you ever tried overnight oats? We gave these a try last week and these will have a place in my rotation of quick and easy breakfasts. I always make breakfast ahead because I am NOT a morning person. I was skeptical about cold, uncooked oats, but these have so much potential for add ins and are so easy. It would be impossible to get bored with these any time soon. I made mine in mason jars with handles, so they were really easy to transport too. 

4. I got some new listings up on Poshmark last weekend. This little grey vest is perfect for summer boho looks and summer layering. Feel free to make me an offer!

5. Pearls and Rocks is currently having a sale and they tons of cute jewelry and accessories. I'm wearing their thread ball earrings in this post and this post. You can save 20% on top of the sale with code SSCHIC. 

Happy Friday!

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