Friday, May 19, 2017

Bomber, stripes and Friday Favorites



Jacket- Ross option  option   option
shirt- Target   option  option  option
jeans- Loft
shoes- Payless  option  option  option
necklace- Kendra Scott
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Hey! It's finally Friday! Today I'm showing a mix of florals and stripes. I wore this out on a last minute dinner date with the hubby a few weeks ago. This may be my favorite mix yet with this floral bomber jacket. You've seen it on the blog before HERE and on Instagram HERE.
So here's today's Five for Friday or Friday favorites.
The Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge opens today! If you are looking for an easy way to get dressed this summer, a hand picked shopping list, and encouragement and further shopping and styling tips from a group of real, compassionate women, then this is for you. I've participated in several of these challenges. The outfit above was part of the Spring 2017 challenge and I was pushed out of my comfort zone to get the bomber jacket. I wasn't going to, but seeing the other ladies style it in the Facebook group made me see that it could be a useful piece for me.
2. I'm so thankful for a good friend who grows his own summer vegetables. He provides us with zucchini and squash so we had zoodles for dinner this week. This is one of my favorite ways to eat zucchini. It's the perfect substitute for pasta if you are on a gluten free or paleo diet like we are.  Some people use a spiralizer to make zoodles, but I prefer my julienne peeler.
3. Let's talk about subscription boxes for a minute, particulary beauty theme boxes. I recently canceled Ipsy and So Choix. Ipsy didn't really send me any known brand name stuff, and while I got some neat things while I had the subscription, I also now have enough blush and black eyeliner to last me a lifetime. Thanks Ipsy. So Choix just doesn't offer anything I'm interested in sampling, so it went too. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my first Sephora play box this week. What's your favorite beauty box or service?
4. We gifted our mothers Alex and Ani bracelets for Mother's Day. We gave my mother-in-law the Celebrate bracelet because she is a cancer survivor.  Alex and Ani is one of my favorites for bracelets.
5. Another favorite jewelry designer- Kendra Scott. You probably guessed that by now given that a majority of my outfit posts have Kendra Scott jewelry  in them.
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