Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to style a utility jacket for Spring


Jacket- old- option  option  option
scarf- Belk  option   option  option
jeans- Levis   option   option
shoes- Macy's  option  option
The utility jacket- a great fall item, but equally great for those chilly spring mornings. Bring it into spring with you by pairing it with lighter spring colors. An ivory and navy striped top makes the perfect base and a pastel colored scarf adds more spring to the outfit. When you need to shed the jacket layer, the scarf keeps the outfit cute. I'm in love with this very light floral scarf I found at Belk recently. It's so light that I think I could wear it in the summer and not sweat.  Another accessory that ups this jeans and tee outfit are these SugarFix earrings. I kept forgetting to look at what was available in my Target, but finally remembered last Friday. Of course I had to go with pink, since I've made pink and blue my spring palette.
I can't take total credit for this outfit. My blue and pink color palette has been inspired by Classy Yet Trendy's The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2017 Collection E-Book. I purchased this book recently and love the color palette that this capsule is built on. I'm not going to ditch all my clothes for a capsule wardrobe just yet, although I'd like to downsize and this book is a good starting point for what to keep. Sometimes I don't want to think for myself so The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2017 Collection E-Book is perfect for that. I just flip through and pick an outfit. I tweak it to fit my closet. This outfit is from the book, but I've tweaked it with my own choice of scarf. I already had the jacket and grey jeans. I purchased this top, recommended in the ebook, which is a nice thick top, but I don't think it will make it very far in our warm spring weather. It was perfect this past weekend, but  I will probably be swapping for a short sleeve tee soon. The black slip on sneakers were my own take as I don't own any white ones or Converse.  (If you purchase an ebook from these links, I will earn a small commission.)
What are your thoughts on a capsule wardrobe?
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