Friday, March 31, 2017

Ankle pants for work and a fit tip

If you thought you were getting a fitness tip based on the title, then you will be disappointed. I haven't worked out even once in the past two weeks so I'm not one to be giving fitness tips. What I meant is a tip on getting clothing that fits. Sometimes it has to do with fabric. I ordered these Loft Riviera pants in black and beige and these in pink. I love the fit of the black and beige ones. I went with a regular length as opposed to the petite length so they would be more office appropriate for me. They still hit above my ankles. If I order regular length pants, I need the 31 inch inseam. Regular is too long and petite can be a tad bit short with heels. I digress. I did not love the fit of the pink pants. In my opinion, they did not fit.  They were too clingy, and although they have a lot of stretch, they were just not flattering to this curvy bottomed girl. It can be a bit confusing though. They were the same size pants, same cut, same brand. However, they were a different fabric, so I realized that the pants with the rayon are more flattering and skim my body better than the cotton/elastane blend. If you find something that you love the fit of, or don't, pay attention to the fabric blend and look for it again, or avoid it.

Speaking of fit, I love this cardigan too, but purchased it in a petite medium. Petite for sleeve length and medium for a looser, casual fit. However, I'm beginning to regret that decision as I tried it on with a skirt and thought it looked frumpy. A more fitted cardigan would have worked better so maybe I should have went with small. Truth be told, I'd like to have both sizes in my closet depending on my mood of the day or the look I want. Anyone else ever do that? Have multiple sizes of the same piece for different looks?

Cardigan- Loft  option  option- on sale
top- JCrew Factory  on sale!   option  option
pants- Loft
shoes- Nine West  option
bracelet- Pandora
Oh and these shoes! Love love love. I stalked them online hoping for a sale and they sold out in one location so I snatched them up from another site before they were gone. I take that gamble often and lose. I wait for a sale only to have the item sold out before it ever goes on sale. I've already shown these off on Instagram. If you are not following me on Instagram, please do for sneak peeks of things before they make the blog (or outfits that never do).
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