Friday, February 17, 2017

How to wear a poncho


Poncho - Macys  option
sweater- JCP
corduroy pants- JCP  option  option
boots- Target (old)  option  option  option
necklace- Nordstrom   option
There are lots of ways to wear a poncho, but I started with a little more of a dressier look. It's still casual, but a little dressed up, especially thanks to the statement necklace. I love the look and elegance of a poncho. Some, like ones with tassels, are very casual looking, but I think this one can go both ways. The drape and texture lend it to being dressed up a little. An open poncho was on my wish list during the fall and winter. I held off because we had not had much cold weather, but finally caved. I ordered two, this one and one from Amazon, and this one was the keeper. I love that it's reversible. I was going for grey, but I'll take black too. Did I mention that it's on sale and comes in camel too?

I learned something new about Poshmark yesterday. I'm not sure how I missed this, but you can now make offers on bundles. A bundle is a great way to buy multiple items from one seller, save on shipping and get a discount. A seller offers a discount, like 10% 20% off, etc. on either two or more, or three or more items, etc and so on. I offer 20% off two or more items. But you can also go a step further and make an offer on a bundle. Just click add to bundle for each item you want, then use the make an offer button instead of checking out to see if the seller will perhaps take a little less than the bundle discount price. A buyer did just that in my closet and I accepted her offer. I am really looking to move this stuff out of my way, so head over to my closet, bundle, and make an offer.

Have a great weekend!

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