Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cozy and dressed up

Blazer- TJMaxx  option  option  option
sweater dress- Target  option  option  option option
scarf- Belk  option option  option  option
boots- Lifestride  option  option
earrings- Cato   option  option  option
We had a couple of cold days about a week and a half ago. Of course, I took the opportunity to bundle up in a big ol' scarf. I started with my trusty old sweater dress. It makes a debut about once per fall/ winter season. You would think I would run out of ways to wear it, but so far I keep coming up with something a little different each time. You can see how I've worn it before HERE, HERE, and HERE.  This time I added a blazer and scarf to the ensemble. I think the blazer and heeled boots make this a little more dressy, but it was still cozy.  A small stud earring is my choice of jewelry when I'm wearing a big scarf like this.
I'm favoring pink a lot lately. I don't know if I'm returning to my childhood ways (my bedroom was Pepto Bismol pink as a kid) or if it's all the Valentine's stuff on display, but pink has my eye. This pink tweed blazer has my eye too, along with these bright blue earrings. Not to be worn together, but don't tempt me- I might. See my other current crushes in the side bar.
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