Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank you

THANK YOU to our veterans! Thank you for protecting the freedoms we have, to vote and to disagree. I must say I'm sorely disappointed at the actions of some in our country over this election. It is what it is, whether you agree or not. I don't think our veterans fought for you to have the right to show your behind. To disagree, yes, to be ugly, no. It's disrespectful. So for today, let's set it aside and be thankful we still live where we can vote. 

shirt- Old Navy  option  option option  option
jeans- Loft
booties- TJMaxx  option  option  option option  option
necklace- Sears   option  option
bracelet Ann Taylor  option  option
I can't help but think when I look at these photos that I should be going fishing, lol. Something about the combination of the vest and plaid, but I still like plaid with a vest. Any vest really. Maybe the accessories keep it from looking totally like a fishing outfit.
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