Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Military jacket

Jacket- Old  option   option
tee- old  option  option
skirt- thrifted  option  option
booties- old  option option   option
necklace- Nordstrom
earrings- JCP  option  option
There is really nothing new here to share, just some oldies I pulled out of the closet and put together for a new to me look. I rarely wear this jacket because I have trouble styling it yet I never part with it. I really like it. It's just one of those pieces that is weekend only and I have too many weekend clothes and not enough weekends, and because this piece intimidates me, I skip over it. I should challenge myself to wear it more. What pieces do you have that intimidate you?

The one new thing that I am wearing is this Urban Decay lipstick in Liar sheer. I love the subtle pink/nude color and the sheer version is like wearing a cream lipstick and gloss all in one. No need for two products- you get the same effect from one!

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