Monday, September 5, 2016

A little more summer

Shirt- TJMaxx  option 
skirt- JCPenney  option  option
shoes- TJMaxx  option  option  option
earrings-  option  option
Some people treat Labor Day as the official end of summer. My calendar and the temperature still says summer, so you will still get a few summer looks from me. I am beginning to turn the color palette to fall, but today I'm sharing an outfit I wore about a week ago. I had a waitress in a restaurant just raving over this outfit and she wanted to recreate it for her date that night. My husband made a return trip to the salad bar and informed me that the waitress was still discussing my outfit and had other staff discussing it and fashion as well. LOL You never know who you will have an impact on.
If you are ready to turn to fall clothing, then you can still use this formula for a fall outfit. Tie up a darker gingham shirt with a denim pencil skirt and booties or a chambray with a fall color pencil skirt and some darker shooties or leopard pumps.
If you are blessed to have the day off, enjoy!
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