Monday, July 11, 2016

Something I struggle with

Blazer- Sears (old)  option   option  option
pants (old)  option   option   option
top JCP (old)  option     option 
necklace gift  option 
earrings JCP  option
pumps - Ann Klein (old)  option  option  option
I went pretty conservative and all business with this outfit. I have days at work when this is just more appropriate than wearing a bright color or funky shoes. I still have color with the red blouse, but it's more classic and conservative than even some prints would be.
Sorry if you thought because of the title that I'd be sharing some deep dark personal secret. I'm not. I am sharing something personal, but it's not an earth shattering struggle of any sorts. I struggle with journaling, even blogging here sometimes. I have a total lack of things to say and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm boring. I scrapbook as a hobby and to keep my family's memories recorded, but I've gotten way behind. Even when I was current with the scrapbooking, I didn't like journaling. I find it difficult to do that part. If there is a fun story to tell, I can do it, but sometimes the photos speak for themselves and journaling the facts is redundant and boring. And you can bet it's even harder to tell the stories now that I'm about ten years behind.
 I certainly don't write witty or personal blog posts either, but I'd like to be a bit more personal. I started researching writing and journaling prompts and how to be a better writer. I hated keeping journals in school when the teachers required it as a class. I didn't keep diaries or journals as a kid. The short period of times I did, I'd go back and destroy them. I have found some interesting and thought provoking prompts, but when I see prompts like "what you had for lunch today" I think "Who cares?" As long as I'm fed and not hungry, who cares what it was? Even things like "list your favorite... color, drink, etc..." sometimes leave me drawing a blank. But when I really think about it, I can come up with a few favorites. So.....
I said all that to say that I'm going to try and weave it a few personal bits here and there into my blogging. If you care to know- if not and you just want to see outfit photos, let me know and all will be well. 
 I'm going to try a few exercises for the sake of having journaling in my scrapbooks, so I may as well share a few details here. Edye at Graceful Coffee recently shared 30 blog post ideas which are really good if you need some prompts. 
 I'll start with a "Currently I'm..." list I found elsewhere.
Currently I'm- Reading- I'm not. I don't read much beyond blog posts and Instagram posts. I used to read books, but I stopped several years ago. John Grisham is probably the last author I've read. The last book I bought to read was Ann Voskamp's 1,000 Gifts  and I haven't finished it.
Just curious, do you read? Books or ebooks? Do you journal?
Thanks for sticking around if you are still reading.
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