Friday, July 29, 2016

Feminine off shoulder

 Blouse- Old Navy  option   option
skirt- Old Navy (old)  option  option  option
shoes- Target  option  option  option
necklace- Lulu's  option  option  option
earrings- made by me
I told you that you would start seeing a good bit of these shoes. Here they are again.  And here I am unintentionally wearing mostly Old Navy again. I purchased this blouse a couple of months ago with rewards to dip my toes into the off shoulder trend, but I've had this skirt for years. That's the good thing about repeatedly shopping a brand- their items tend to pair well together year after year.
 Anyone out there in the beautiful city of Kansas City, MO? I've just returned from a three day trip there this week. It was a nice clean city with many photo opportunities. I was on a work trip so I didn't get to do and see as much as I would have liked to, but I enjoyed what I did see.

Thanks goodness it's Friday.
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