Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend style

I love that in the summer I get to share a little more with you than just work outfits. It seems like we are going and doing more and have more daylight for pictures, so I get more opportunities to capture the "off duty" looks. Since we are heading into the weekend, this outfit is perfect for today's post.

shirt- Loft  option  option  option
shorts- Old Navy   option   option
shoes- Target  option  option   option
 hat- Sears  option   option  option
earrings- JCPenney  option  option
bag- Nine West via TJMaxx  option  option  option
I wore this outfit while we were away on a Memorial Day weekend trip. It rained the day I wore it so I had to photograph it when we returned home. That's why I'm a little late sharing it.
I don't know if boyfriend shorts are as popular this year as they were the last couple of years, but I still love mine. (They still fit, lol, and are forgiving of a few extra pounds). This shirt is my first ever purchase from Loft, from their clearance rack. I still love it too. These two pieces together make an easy breezy weekend outfit. Don't worry about your hair, throw on a hat and go.
I'm pushing it with these sandals. I suspect one of the elastics on a strap will break any day, but I just haven't found a replacement yet. I'm thinking about going with a gold pair of sandals when I do replace them.
What are your weekend plans? What about your summer weekend style? What do you like to wear?
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