Friday, June 17, 2016

Red chambray

Now here's something I don't see much of- red chambray. I saw this skirt Memorial Day weekend in the Loft outlet store. It was 50% off and I fell in love. Of course I got the blue one too, but red- oh my! I have a love/hate relationship with red, but this washed out shade is perfect for summer. And the skirt sells itself regardless of color. Easy pull on, elastic waist, and pockets! Full to hide the not-so-summer ready body and breezy for air flow. Perfect.

The hubby and I rarely go out to eat "just because" anymore. We limit our meals out to after church on Sunday and/or other times when we are out and just won't have time to cook. However, we went out to eat a couple of weeks ago "just because". I wore this outfit. I thought it made a cute little date night outfit. I wore the white denim jacket because I knew it would be cold indoors. But if I had to hang out outside much, the jacket would have to come off, so I'm being brave and showing you a shot of the outfit without the jacket.

The top was a purchase I made last year and was seen here.

Skirt- Loft outlet  option  option
Top- TJMaxx  option  option
jacket- Old Navy  option  option
sandals- Payless  option  option
earrings- Cato  option  option
 bracelet- Forever21 option  option
 I can't find an exact match for the skirt or top, so I tried to link up some similar items in the same cut and style. While I was looking, I found this tassel trimmed skirt. How cute is that? This is pretty much the same skirt but in a print.

Have a great weekend!

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