Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pom pom

Beanie- Target option  option  option
vest- JCrewFactory sold out option  option
long sleeve tee- JCP  option  option  option
scarf- Nordstrom (old) last seen HERE     option  option
jeans- Loft option
boots- (old)  option option
worn Feb. 27, 2016
We had a photo shoot to do Saturday afternoon and the temps had dipped back down, so I had the chance to wear a few more of my winter favs before we are full on into spring. I got this faux fur pom pom beanie from Target a couple of months ago on clearance. It was one of those fun items I wanted but didn't want to spend a lot on, so I'm glad I waited.
I promise there is a pom pom up there. It's blending in with the background. Learn from my mistakes and take note of this photo tip: when choosing a location for your blog photos, make sure your outfit doesn't blend into the background. Likewise, make sure it doesn't clash either.
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