Friday, February 19, 2016

An appropriate number

Vest- Banana Republic- sold out  option  option   option
shirt- old  option  option
pants Loft
shoes- Belks option  option
earrings- Cato  option  option
I've been itching to add some soft blush pink or rose quartz to my wardrobe. A peek into my closet reminded me that it was already there in this vest. I'm still looking for a blouse or a sweater in the color, but I decided to give the vest a go again.  I'll admit that the first time I styled this vest, I wasn't crazy about the results. Maybe it was the wider leg pants. I think it looks better this go around with the pencil pants, but I wish the tailor had taken it in just a bit more. I do like the look of the vest with stripes. (This shirt was last seen here, and looks totally different with the vest.)
So, what's an appropriate number of blog photos? I've visited this topic before but just read an article from a big blogger who suggested 10 or more, but not 30. 30- whoa! And even 10 is a bit much for me.  I'll admit I get bored with scrolling after about 5 photos, so I keep my photos to 3-5. Unless you are showing me a different detail in each photo, more photos just aren't necessary. Fellow bloggers, what is your comfort level for an appropriate number of photos per post?
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