Friday, October 30, 2015

Beat the heat

Blouse- Banana Republic  option  option  option
skirt- Target  option  option
necklace- Loft  option  option  option
shoes- Target  option  option
earrings- gift  option  option
worn Oct. 25, 2015
We got tempted with fall and then the high 80 temps came back. Ugh! So this is the best I can do to still feel like it's fall. I wore this outfit  to church Sunday and then to the funeral of a 32 year old woman who passed away that week. Her death was an utter tragedy and her family needs lots of prayers.
I feel like I've had lots of items on repeat lately. The mustard crossbody was on repeat for a week and now you are seeing these marsala shoes two days in a row. I do that sometimes. I get fixed on one color or item and it gets worn out until the next item gets my attention. Do you go through this?
Happy Halloween! Do you dress up? We do, always in spooky or scary attire, with lots of other roles players and hand out lots of candy. Candy is hard earned at our house, but it's so much fun! Here are a couple of peeks back at prior Halloweens:

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