Monday, September 21, 2015

Branching out


Suit- Sears  option  option  option
blouse- Target  option  option  option
necklace- Loft  option  option  option
shoes- gift- LifeStride  option   option   option
worn Sept 4, 2015

I branched out here with the colored shoes in this outfit, but not too far. I would have normally worn navy or black shoes with this outfit but I was drawn to Bridgette Raes' use of versions of red and green together, as seen here and here. Technically it's burgundy and teal, but my first response to this combination was fear of looking like a Christmas tree. I finally got over that and decided it would be far more interesting than would I would have normally done (black or navy) and tried it. And guess what? I like it.

Here's my safer version of this outfit worn over a year ago (ignore the horrible color cast of the photo)