Savvy Southern Chic: Pink, grey and black

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pink, grey and black

Blazer- Banana Republic via thred up  option  option
blouse- JCPenney  option  option
pants- Belk  option  option  option
shoes- Belk  option  option
earrings-  option  option
worn August 13, 2015
Here is to hoping that I stay well today. The hubby has picked up a stomach virus and was sick all afternoon yesterday.
I loved how this outfit turned out. I took three separate pieces and blended them into one outfit. I saw a friend in Belk the day I wore this and she commented on how well I "mixed and matched" clothing. Nothing in this really matches but it works. If you are tempted to wear black pants with an outfit like this, I recommend you substitute grey and see how you like it.