Savvy Southern Chic: Another way to wear it

Monday, August 17, 2015

Another way to wear it

Blazer/ pants- JCPenney  option  option  option
blouse- Belk  option  option
shoes- thrifted  option   option  option
earrings- JCPenney  option  option
worn August 4, 2015
The last time I wore this blouse, my coworker complimented it and commented that it would go with so many things. I hesitated on that thought because in my mind this blouse only went with teal and brown. So I began to challenge myself to find other ways to wear it and decided that it would pair well with this light grey suit. What colors would you wear it with?

I've also recently discovered Bridgette Raes and her wonderful tips. I already do some of her suggestions like finding alternative to black shoes. I do wear my black pumps and black wedge flats a lot but my favorite outfits are the ones like this one that have some contrast between the shoes and base colors.

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