Thursday, April 2, 2015


Blouse- Loft  option option
Blazer- Ross  option
Pants- GAP
necklace- JCrew Factory  option
I'm still working through this capsule thing I asked about yesterday. I think I have decided to do a capsule from now until June 20. I have chosen 38 work wear pieces. I'm still coming up with casual items and what rules I will subject myself too. Are any you doing any challenges for Spring or even some Spring closet cleaning? Check out Merrick's closet clean out advice.
These are three more of the 38 items. I'll try to post the whole capsule of items in one post soon. Lemon yellow, or any form of yellow, is such a popular color this year. I'm glad I invested in this blouse last year. And I'm loving how it looks with grey and black.
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