Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chartreuse and leopard

Blazer- Lord and Taylor  option  similar
blouse- JCPenney  option
skirt- Target  option
shoes- DSW  option  option
earrings option  option
A combination of chartreuse, navy, and white with a touch of leopard. Once again, this was inspired by an outfit I found on Pinterest.
I've touched on this before but I'd like some serious feedback. What do you think of 30x30 remixes or capsule wardrobes? My fall 30x30 got a good bit of response and interest, but I know some folks get bored with those sorts of things. I played with the idea of a winter capsule but didn't make a real commitment to it. I did create outfits from a core set of items through the winter but never listed them out or made a post of them. I think April would be a good month to do a Spring 30x30 but I have issues with just 30 items to take me through both work and casual weekend wear. I need a capsule of each type of clothing because my weekend wear can be so different from what's allowed at work. So I thought about just a 30 from 30 of work outfits, but that would take us through about 6 weeks. So then I decided that maybe I'd do a Spring Capsule April 1- June 20 that combines about 40-50 pieces of both casual and work wear. I said at the end of the 30x30 that I would not do this with any kind of commitment to a time frame, but I do like the challenge of coming up with new outfits. and I liked having them planned in advance. And I will not include shoes in my limited number of pieces. They are free range. My rules. What do you think? What would you like to see?
If I do this, then this is officially day 1 of my capsule because these pieces have made the list so far. And this is no April fool's joke. Seriously, what would you like to see here?
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