Monday, October 27, 2014

Another easy formula

V-neck Sweater- Target similar  option option
shoes- Banana Republic option  option
bracelet- JCPenney  option option
necklace- Lulu's  option
worn Oct. 23, 2014
Remember the easy formula outfit I posted a few weeks ago? This one is very similar, but came straight from Redbook- pencil skirt + vneck sweater+ heels+ arm candy.  I think it helps if the heels are statement heels too. They can shine when you wear a solid sleek base.
And just a note to self- I need to check the length and fit of sweaters. I probably need to stick with petite sweaters. The length of this one is making it bunch and add bulk around the middle- not something I want or need. Oh, the things I learn from these photos.
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