Friday, August 22, 2014

The last of the tired week

Blazer/ pants - Gap blazer option
blouse- Loft option option
necklace- thrifted option
bracelets- gifts option option
Worn August 13, 2014

I try not to complain much here, but I titled this post the way I did because I had such a hard week last week when I wore this outfit. I hope I don't have a week like that again anytime soon.

I am growing tired of my wardrobe but I know there are many combinations left in it. When this block hits, I turn to mixing basics. I've worn this top a couple of ways already, but saw an ad that made me think I need to try it with my black and navy suits. I picked the black one first. I think it will look better with navy. It's hard to tell what color it is. Due to lighting it looks more blue here, but other times it looks grey.

Have a great weekend!

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