Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ruched sleeves

Blazer- Belks option
top- Belks option option
pants- JCPenney similar
shoes- Old option option
Worn August 6, 2014

Can I whine a little? I'm tired. I cannot seem to get rested anymore. I'm not getting to bed early enough and therefore, not getting up in time for workouts. And it's a vicous cycle of feeling bad. I'm tired of work, tired of church, tired of chores... It seems everyday is a repeat of work, cook, wash dishes, go to bed (late) and repeat. The hubby and I are doing some fun things on the weekends but sometimes that subtracts from rest too. I've got to find a happy median. And I've got to shut up and go to bed.

Thanks for listening.

I purchased this top and blazer together at the same time, same store because they appeared to be made for each other. I've worn the blazer other ways, but need to mix the top up some. Oh, and I'm tired of my wardrobe. Some days I think I just cannot possibly come up with one more outfit.

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