Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Breaking the rules

 Blouse- Limited
Jeans- Loft option
shoes- Target
Worn April 27, 2014 pm
Are there really any rules anymore when it comes to fashion? I think there are a few as to what is appropriate for age or body type, but the "wearing white" one is certainly a rule to be broken.  I have searched for a couple of years for a pair of white jeans that fit and finally found the answer in a pair from Loft. Since the search took so long, you can bet I'm not waiting until Memorial Day to start wearing them.
You saw this blouse a couple of days ago. I wore this outfit the same day. I just dressed down a bit for evening services.
I've got to point out a few details here that I love- the pleat on the back of the shirt. And the shoes- two trends in one. D'orsay flats with laser cut detail. Laser cuts and preforations are trendy this year again.

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