Savvy Southern Chic: Red plaid

Friday, January 10, 2014

Red plaid

Shirt- JCPenney; sweatshirt- Old Navy option
jeans- Levis; shoes- Target option option adorable
Worn Jan 2, 2014
I received this shirt for Christmas as a gift. Since our new year started out rainy and cold, I thought it would be a fun layer under this sweatshirt.
I'm  okay with the outfit but the photos are not doing it justice. Weird camera angles are just...well...weird. I look a little dumpy here. Since I'm being a bit critical, let me go ahead and say this. It really bothers me when I view fashion posts where the person has been photographed at a weird angle. If you really want to do this, get the right lens or learn to do the best with what you have. Notice I still have room for improvement, but I really hate those shots where someone is shooting from slightly above. It really doesn't flatter you and makes you look squatty and distorted. Is the tall hubby taking your shots? Tell him to bend down a little or get farther back. Don't set the tripod on the porch above you and then go out into the yard or street. Set it up somewhere on the same level. Just my advice and rant for the day.

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