Friday, December 8, 2017

5 reasons to join the Winter 2017 GYPO Style Challenge

Winter can get long, cold and uninspiring. If this bleeds over into your wardrobe, then the Winter GYPO Style Challenge is just the thing to keep it fresh and fun.

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Cardigan- Old-  option  option  option
top- Nordstrom  option option  option
necklace- Express  option  option
shoes- Macy's

My outfit above is based on one of the outfits from the Fall 2017 GYPO Style Challenge. The original outfit called for a neutral cardigan, but I love mustard and grey together so I spiced it up a bit with the colored cardigan. 

Registration is going on now for the Winter 2017 challenge. I know it can be all too easy to just stay snuggled up in sweats all winter, but the style challenge will help you stay stylish. Here are 5 reasons to join the style challenge.

1. You get a well curated shopping list. You don't have to buy all of the items on the shopping list, but if there is something you need in our closet, then you will have several suggestions for that item to shop from. I always love Alison's picks.  My shoes above and the necklace are new things I added based on the fall shopping list.

2. You will definitely be challenged to get out of your comfort zone. I remember joining a summer challenge and seeing kimonos on the list. I thought "no way, not me". But then I saw the cute outfits and all the other ladies wearing them, and now I love kimonos.

3. You may actually spend less. Once you see creative ways to rewear items, you won't need as many pieces. You may also have many of the basics in your closet. The challenges build on quality basics. 

4.  It takes the guess work out of getting dressed. For 34 days, you will receive mix and match casual chic outfits. 

5. The Facebook friendships! You get access to a Facebook group where other challengers share their outfits, shopping finds and more. It's so much fun.

Join today by clicking hereRegistration ends Dec. 15.  Outfits start Dec. 18 and you can get a full refund through Dec. 23 if it's not for you. But I promise it will be. It would also be a great gift for a friend!

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