Monday, July 10, 2017

My best summer purchases

shorts- Old Navy
earrings- Target  option  option
watch- Target

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I would have to say I'm wearing my best summer purchases all in one outfit. These Old Navy linen shorts are the best. Even though they are a tad shorter than I prefer, I'm not that self conscious in them because of the looser fit. And they are so comfy! These gold sandals are pretty comfy too. I didn't love them at first, but now I really like them. They look better on in pics than I think they do in person, so I kept them. And they are super comfy and I can wear them around the house and run out for errands in them and still be stylish. (Ladies, flip flops are not stylish footwear and they don't provide foot support, so just don't.) 

The bracelets I'm wearing are some of my Rocksbox pieces that I bought and they are my current favorites. Rocksbox is now almost exclusively fulfilling my wish list each time. I highly recommend you try them out. Get a month free with my code FONDABFF.

I decided that my casual summer tops were lacking in prints. You know my work wear is full of prints and I have some tops that I can wear for work or play, but most of my exclusively casual tops are solid or stripes. Enter the print casual top. I love this with olive, but it will go great with navy, denim, and white also. It pays to shop around too. I saw prices for this top over $40 but found mine online at Lord and Taylor for $18 and some change.

Hope you had a great weekend and that the week ahead is  a good one!

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