Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Falling into the trenches


Sleeveless trench- via Poshmark  similar option option
skirt- Nordstrom  option   option   option
shoes- Payless   option  option  option
bracelet- Charmed Stacks  option
Well,  that was a cheesy post title but I've never claimed to be good at catchy titles. This outfit does incorporate a trench and a fall colored pencil skirt, along with one of my go to button down blouses. I bet I can't even count how many times or ways I've worn this shirt. That would probably make a fun post to round up all the ways. It's a little difficult to find sleeveless trenches to link up, but this trench vest would look equally well with a pencil skirt and make other cute fall outfits.
You may notice something wrong with my right eye. I have had "inflammation" in it for the past week. It actually started a week prior with a sinus infection, cleared up then came back after the sinus infection was gone. The doctor says it is not infected, but it's inflammation. Other than the sinus infection, I can't really find a cause. Sometimes this condition is linked to other inflammatory conditions in the body but I don't have any of those. Nonetheless, I have had this red, sometimes painful eye for a week. It is beginning to get better, but I'd appreciate a few prayers for full healing.
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