Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Olive and plaid

sweater- JCP   option
jeans- Loft   option
scarf- Asos  option  option  option
boots- Nordstrom  option   option
bracelet- JCP  option   option
worn Jan. 17, 2016
How do you stay warm without over layering? Add a blanket scarf. I recently picked up this olive (oregano) high/low tunic sweater from JCPenney with a gift card and I knew my blanket scarf would be the perfect match. The sweater is pretty great on its own- vneck, super soft and longer in the back.  I 've seen my blanket scarf lying next to my olive utility vest and loved how it looked against olive (an outfit with those two pieces is coming too).  I also love the contrast of cognac boots against black. I'm pretty sure there was a day that I would not have worn brown on black, but I love it now.
My only complaint about a blanket scarf is that it doesn't work well with my hair. It's not long enough to flow over nor short enough to stop short of so it kind of just bubbles up on top of the scarf. Oh well- just something I'll tolerate for a while. There was too much going on around my face with the hair and scarf, so no earrings. I opted for a chunky bracelet to accessorize a little more.
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